Next social media site to come under fire for censorship

Next social media site to come under fire for censorship
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Administrators at the popular online forum Reddit have been accused of censorship after quarantining a subreddit titled ‘european.’

Subreddits, which are also known as communities, are forums dedicated to specific topics.

“The administration has decided to censor free speech for Europeans and they quarantined the subreddit on the 12th of May 2016,” says a note on the subreddit link. With the subreddit set to private, the note adds that “You must be a moderator or approved submitter to visit.” Visitors to the subreddit were also urged to continue their discussions on Voat, another online forum.

The question of bias in social media has erupted recently. The Reddit accusation came just days after anonymous allegations that contractors at Facebook deliberately suppressed conservative news on the site’s Trending Topics section. Facebook has denied any political bias, saying there is “no evidence” of the alleged activity.

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