ISIS, Hamas reportedly conducted ‘joint exercises’ in Gaza

ISIS, Hamas reportedly conducted ‘joint exercises’ in Gaza
(Image via Tea Party Tribune)

[Ed. – Like so many things these days: bad, but not unexpected.]

Islamic State (ISIS) is getting logistical and military support from Gaza-based terrorist group Hamas, a senior official of the Israel Defense Force (IDF) told the press. IDF’s Major General Yoav Mordechai revealed that terrorists belonging to Hamas and ISIS were now conducting joint military exercises in Gaza — along the southern border of Israel. …

The newly-exposed alliance between ISIS and Hamas should not come as a surprise to anyone. Both of these Islamist groups not only subscribe to the same doctrine of global Jihad, but are offshoots of the Muslim Brotherhood movement that first started in Egypt around 1920s. Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden also belonged to the same theological school of thought.

ISIS activities are not limited to Syria and Iraq anymore. The terrorist group has extended its reach to North Africa and now operating in Libya and in the Egyptian peninsula of Sinai.

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