What the Bible says about Second Amendment, right to life

What the Bible says about Second Amendment, right to life

God’s definition of the right to life and one’s right to protect it is clear– throughout both the Old and New Testament of the Bible. God created laws and government to restrain evil and promote that which is good. The Ten Commandments were the initial guide for right conduct, but numerous civil and criminal laws were enacted and enforced through Moses and the court system he established with judges. These laws became the basis for Western law, including laws governing self-defense, personal injury, property rights, and much more.

Exodus 22:2 instructs homeowners that they are not guilty of murder, (prohibited by the Sixth Commandment) if they kill a thief who is breaking and entering into their home or stealing his property. And, throughout the Bible, using a weapon is required for self-defense. …

Exodus 22:2 acts as the basis for U.S. law known as the Castle Doctrine. In 23 states, this doctrine includes “Stand Your Ground Laws,” and in some states, both apply to a person’s home office, vehicle, or yard/land/property surrounding the home. …

Here is what some of the Founders said about guns:

John Quincy Adams wrote specific instructions to his brother, Thomas, for educating and training his boys (George, age 9; John, age 7; and Charles, age 3). He wrote:

“One of the things which I wish to have them taught – and which no man can teach better than you – is the use and management of firearms. …

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