Unclassifiably weird: Why French canceled rapper for WWI memorial

Unclassifiably weird: Why French canceled rapper for WWI memorial
A more traditional view of Verdun: WWI memorial crosses in the national cemetery. (Image: Oleyna Mykhaylova, Shutterstock)

[Ed. – It’s come to this.]

A performance by rap artist ‘Black M’ which was to make part of the commemorations of the Battle of Verdun, one of the largest and deadliest battles of the Great War, has been cancelled after anger over the questionable content of his songs.

Booked for the evening of May 29th, the performance of rapper Black Mesrimes — real name Alpha Diallo — was to be part of a day of commemorations for the battle of Verdun, in which nearly 300,000 men died. …

[T]here was concern the performance of the Guinean-origin rapper would be an “insult” to commemorations, reports Le Figaro. While the choice may seem surprising, the musician for the free evening concert was reportedly selected as a ‘people’s artist’.

Singing with French rap band Sexion d’Assaut, Big M performed songs including ‘Sorry’ (Désolé), in which he calls France a nation of “Kouffars”, an Arabic derogatory term referring to “unbelievers”, “disbelievers”, or “infidels”. In ‘It Humbled’ (On t’a humilié), Black M sang: “I think it’s high time the f**s died. Cut off their penises”. …

While the mayor of Verdun defended the choice, strongly worded protests were launched by France’s Front National (FN), the populist anti-mass migration party presently enjoying strong poll ratings.

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