Entrepreneur makes first million by this tender age

Entrepreneur makes first million by this tender age

Self-made millionaire Isabella Barrett enjoys splashing the cash on designer shoes and expensive labels — despite being just nine-years-old.

Isabella lives a life of luxury, being chauffeur driven to her favourite shopping haunts, dining on fresh lobster and attending parties with her socialite friends.

But despite the high heels, heavy make-up and bulging shopping bags, Isabella is still in primary school.

Isabella became a millionaire at just six-years-old after launching her own clothing and jewellery line.

Isabella’s mum, Susanna, said: “As far as what she’s worth tangible you know, it would probably be equal to several million dollars.

“Bella has two companies that she has equity investment; she is a stake holder in both companies.

“The great thing is, she is still nine and so as her money grows, we hope to invest it and make that grow as well for her.”…

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