Norwegian city bans ‘photoshopped’ billboard models, citing body image concerns

Norwegian city bans ‘photoshopped’ billboard models, citing body image concerns
Image: Bohbeh/Shutterstock

Trondheim, Norway, is taking a stand against manipulated body images in advertising on its city streets.

The country’s third-largest city is banning all ads placed on city-owned property that might contribute to a negative body image among residents.

“Since it’s a completely unrealistic pressure if [the images] are manipulated … it creates a pressure that no one can live up to. At least if we are able to get rid of some of it, we want to do that.”– Trondheim City Councillor Ottar Michelsen

City councillor Ottar Michelsen supports the measure. He’s with the Socialist Left Party, and he described to As it Happens host Carol Off the types of images the city has deemed problematic.

“Long legs, the bodies are much thinner than is normal, seemingly. Some ribs are taken away. The problem as we see it is that they create a body image that is not realistic,” he explains. “So they create some sort of ‘ideal,’ in particular for youngsters, a ‘Photoshopped’ image; the ideal they look up to, and would like to have for themselves, and it creates a pressure.”…

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