‘I ate my words about Trump — literally — but I still refuse to take him seriously’

‘I ate my words about Trump — literally — but I still refuse to take him seriously’
Dana Milbank (Image: YouTube screen grab via Inside Edition)

My alimentary canal got a lot of traffic this week.

Inside EditionPeople magazine, ABC News, CNNNational Public Radio and broadcasters from Japan, Germany, Spain and Britain, among others, all took interest in me making good on my pledge to eat an entire column of newsprint if Donald Trump won the Republican presidential nomination. The medical-news website Stat probed the health risks I might incur and learned that newspaper ink is “less toxic than sodium cyanide.”

The most common question I was asked: Did I learn a lesson?

To this, my answer is an emphatic “yes”: Never consume newspaper with Trump wine. The stuff was undrinkable.

But the meal contained some of the best news I had ever consumed. Chef Victor Albisu from Washington’s Del Campo restaurant, using his instincts and readers’ suggestions, served me and The Post’s food critic, Tom Sietsema, a nine-dish meal of newspaper food fine enough to be called haute-type cuisine. There was newspaper-smoked Wagyu steak, overcooked to Trump’s preferred temperature, and, to honor Trump’s fast-food tastes, Filet-O-Fish-type hake wrapped in buttermilk-soaked newspaper and fried.

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