Trump needs unity less than you think

Trump needs unity less than you think

You can imagine what goes through Donald Trump’s mind whenever he finds himself dragged to Washington. I mean, here’s a city — or so it calls itself, anyway —where you’re not allowed to build any of those great phallic towers, where they can’t make a decent pizza to save their lives, where the Hermès store just opened and there’s never anyone in it.

Chances are Trump views the most powerful figures in Washington much the same way the elite of Silicon Valley and Wall Street do. Which is to say, it’s nice that you all want to do this public service thing, but how smart can you really be if you’ve reached middle age and can’t afford to buy your own jet?

But here Trump is, arriving today for a Reykjavik-like sit-down with Republican leaders — most notably the speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. And that’s because ranking Republicans — along with the people on cable TV and some of Trump’s own advisers — have been telling him that he urgently needs to unify his party if he wants to have any shot at winning in November.

We’re about to find out if Trump really is a gifted politician, or merely a boor who got lucky. Because if he’s as smart as a lot of his supporters claim, he won’t waste a lot of charm sucking up to congressmen.

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