Right-wing Hindus in India are calling Donald Trump the ‘lone protector of mankind’

Right-wing Hindus in India are calling Donald Trump the ‘lone protector of mankind’
Credit: Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

The are praying for his victory — even if he can’t get their accents right.

At a campaign rally in Delaware three weeks ago, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump chose to attack American outsourcing by affecting a cruel caricature of an Indian accent, to the delight of his supporters. Yet his apparent disdain for the people of the world’s second most populous nation doesn’t seem to faze a right-wing Indian group that is now praying — yes, literally praying — for Trump’s victory.

A new video released by Reuters captures members of Hindu Sena, a Hindu nationalist political organization, holding a spiritual ritual in the streets of New Delhi, asking Hindu gods to carry the New York City real estate mogul to victory this November. To that end, they lit ritual fires and anointed Trump’s forehead (on a poster alongside statues of Hindu deities) with atilaka, a Hindu spiritual marking.

“Going by the statements of Donald Trump, we believe he will be the lone protector of mankind,” Vishnu Gupta, Hindu Sena’s president, told Reuters.

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