Nancy Pelosi gives Donald Trump a nickname … inadvertently

Nancy Pelosi gives Donald Trump a nickname … inadvertently
Not "seriously loony" according to GQ

Donald Trump may no longer be the only pol doling out nicknames as Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi bestowed one on the presumptive Republican nominee via a slip of the tongue.

‘But our purpose here today, and we can do it better in a non-official setting, is to show you a split screen of what Ronald … of what Donald … I think of him as Ronald McDonald, I don’t know why,’ the former House Speaker said during a Capitol Hill press conference aimed at linking Trump’s rhetoric to the words of the House GOP as well.

Ronald McDonald is the mascot for the McDonald’s fast food chain. And is a clown.

Pelosi and four other top Democrats took turns quoting House Republicans and comparing their comments to those of Trump, who will make an appearance tomorrow in Washington and meet with House Speaker Paul Ryan who has sporadically condemned The Donald’s remarks.

‘Today we gather to ask, “Since when?”‘ said Pelosi, taking the podium. ‘Since when have the House Republicans been so concerned about intolerant statements and discriminatory ideas?’

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