What Clinton should really fear about Trump

What Clinton should really fear about Trump

Having internally conceded West Virginia to Bernie Sanders Tuesday, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign may have gotten an unexpected jolt from an exit poll result.

Forty-four percent of those voting for Sanders told the surveyists that they’d vote for Republican Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the fall.

So eye-opening was that statistic that at least two news organizations flashed it to the world as breaking news. It appears to confirm the worst fears of Democrats who support Clinton — that she is far too beatable in the fall — and, of course, reifies the standard rationale for Sanders’ continued presence in the race.

Fortunately, Team Clinton can take comfort: This particular exhibit of agita in the electorate is not something that will doom her in the fall. Then, after taking comfort, they can start to focus on stuff that really ought to sober them up.

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