Actual headline: ‘Trump disavows butler’s call for Obama to be killed’

Actual headline: ‘Trump disavows butler’s call for Obama to be killed’
Image: CNN video screen grab

[Ed. – I love the pundits who drag out history books and tell us American politics have been stupid and ridiculous before.  Then we get a headline flurry like this one.  The “headline” would be if Trump DIDN’T repudiate his former butler’s nutty BS.]

Donald Trump‘s White House campaign on Thursday disavowed statements made by his longtime butler calling for President Obama to be killed.

“Tony Senecal has not worked at Mar-a-Lago for years, but nevertheless we totally and completely disavow the horrible statements made by him regarding the President,” a Trump campaign spokesman said in a statement, according to ABC News. …

On Wednesday, Senecal wrote in a Facebook post that Obama should be shot by the military as an “enemy agent.” …

It was not the first time Senecal called for Obama’s death in a Facebook post.

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