Hillary Clinton’s secret weapon to defeating Trump

Hillary Clinton’s secret weapon to defeating Trump
Hillary: fun PSL hound.

Americans … do not like Hillary Clinton, the candidate. So, Clinton’s advisers told her, stop acting like a candidate. Don’t wait for the seesaw to hit her. Just be a wonk.

And that’s what she gave her crowd on Monday. It was so boring that you could practically hear the muffins get crusty. A baby cried. A school-aged student swung his feet. Clinton looked attentive, listening carefully to voters who asked thoughtful questions about education, childcare costs and immigration….

…Clinton barely addressed the presumptive GOP nominee in her talk…. Instead, Clinton wrapped herself in the cozy comfort of childcare and educational policy, which is her version of a security blanket….

A grandma sipping coffee and talking about the importance of arts education with a dozen moms (and a few dads) looked more like a tame PTA meeting than a political showdown, but that’s exactly what it was. And it was not accident. If Donald Trump is the great boor of the 2016 election, then Hillary Clinton is the great bore. [Emphasis added] The act continues on Tuesday with two more similar stops in Kentucky. This is Clinton’s new groove of snooze.

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