Woman dies before air ambulance arrives, still charged $25K

Woman dies before air ambulance arrives, still charged $25K
Image: Barbol via Shutterstock

[Ed. – Talk about adding insult to injury.]

Imagine losing a loved one suddenly, and while trying to deal with the terrible loss, you get a bill for $25,000.

April Breck called RTV6 after seeing Call 6 Investigates and ABC News’ joint investigation about air ambulances overcharging for transporting people.

In Breck’s case, an air ambulance was called for her mother – but she passed away before it even arrived on scene.

Breck’s mother, 64-year-old Sheila Breck, was driving her to work when an ambulance speeding to a call smashed into their SUV.

“It turns out that an ambulance going to a different call hit her in my car going 85 miles per hour, so as to her injuries … I mean, the list of injuries are page after page after page,” Breck said.

Rescue crews working to pull Sheila out of the car called for an air ambulance. But the chopper, operated by PHI Medical, never actually transported Sheila because when it arrived her heart had already stopped.

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