U. of Denver chancellor of ‘inclusive excellence’: fake mustaches are ‘dehumanizing’

U. of Denver chancellor of ‘inclusive excellence’: fake mustaches are ‘dehumanizing’
Image: YouTube screen grab (via slasherpaint)

Students at the University of Denver were advised against wearing sombreros and fake mustaches on Cinco de Mayo in order to avoid “dehumanizing” the traditions of Hispanic culture.

“As we celebrate, some of us may — unintentionally I would hope — choose activities that ‘appropriate’ specific cultures,” Liliana Rodriguez, Vice Chancellor of Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence, wrote Thursday in a campus-wide email obtained by Campus Reform. “To be clear, cultural appropriation is when people adopt or use aspects of a culture when they are not members of that culture. This is a controversial thing.”…

Rodriguez concedes that wearing a fake mustache does not warrant any sort of legal punishment or violate any university policy, but maintains that it is still “offensive” and so ought to be avoided.

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