Why Trump has the potential to be a great leader

Why Trump has the potential to be a great leader

The people of this nation want a strong leader. They want someone who will crush ISIS. They want a fighter to sit across the table from Vladimir Putin. They want someone who can make the right trade deals with China, Japan and Mexico. They want someone to defend the southern border from illegal immigrants and ISIS intruders.

They also want someone to bring back the post-WWII prosperity, when America grew by 3.5 percent yearly on average, and when per capita GDP — a good measure of average wages — rose from $16,000 to nearly $50,000.

Knowing the two are intertwined, they want someone to bring both prosperity at home and peace abroad.

Trump must convince America he can do this. He must demonstrate a firm grasp of policies — on growth, jobs, wages, trade, immigration, foreign affairs and sound and stable money.

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