Republicans burn registration cards and rally behind the #nevertrump campaign

Republicans burn registration cards and rally behind the #nevertrump campaign
Image: CNN video screen grab

A number of disappointed Republicans have torched their voter cards and declared support for the #nevertrump campaign after the billionaire businessman clinched the party nomination following Ted Cruz’s resignation.

Such is the resentment towards Trump, many are now readying themselves to vote for the Democrats despite being lifelong Republican supporters.

Photographs of them burning their voter registration cards have appeared on social media, while others say they are prepared to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Dennis Jordan wrote: ‘I’ve been a lifelong loyal @GOP, since the day I could vote. Tonight, I have unregistered and now am an Independent.’

Lachlan Markay posted a photograph on Twitter of his District of Columbia voter registration card burning.

Ben Howe said: ‘If you are #nevertrump then I suggest you accept the implications of what that means. Don’t kid yourself. I’m not.’

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