In address celebrating Mother’s Day Obama calls for paid ‘paternity leave’

In address celebrating Mother’s Day Obama calls for paid ‘paternity leave’

In a weekly address celebrating Mother’s Day, President Barack Obama on Saturday called for paid “paternity leave.”

He also said: “let’s give mothers the respect they deserve.”

“Giving flowers is always a good idea,” Obama said. “But I hope that on this Mother’s Day, we’ll recommit ourselves to doing more than that: Through deeds that match our words, let’s give mothers the respect they deserve, give all women the equality they deserve, and give all parents the support they need in their most important roles.”

Here is the full transcript of the president’s weekly address celebrating Mother’s Day:

Hello, everybody.  In our house, everybody knows that President is only the third-most important job in the family. So this weekend, I’m going to take a little extra time to say thank you to Michelle for the remarkable way she does the most important job: being a mom. And I’m going to give extra thanks to my mother-in-law for the role model she’s always been to Michelle and the countless selfless ways in which she’s helped Michelle and me raise Malia and Sasha. I am incredibly lucky to have women who help [sic] me raise, love, and look after our girls.

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