Post-op trans woman launches N.C. bathroom tour to use urinals

Post-op trans woman launches N.C. bathroom tour to use urinals
What a waste (credit:

[Ed. – Because people aren’t stupid and deceived enough about the new North Carolina law already.  The law doesn’t say Shakina Nayfack can’t use the women’s bathroom.  It says she can’t sue a facility to demand to be admitted to the women’s bathroom, as an “equal rights” issue. If she dresses as a woman, looks like one, and goes into a stall the way women do and doesn’t emerge until her business is done, and no one is the wiser about what her personal plumbing does or doesn’t do — North Carolina doesn’t give a flip.  What the state gives a flip about is protecting proprietors and the larger culture from lawsuits brought to throw fringe-demographic tantrums.]

Apparently it’s really quite difficult to use a urinal – if you’re a woman. But actress Shakina Nayfack is sure going to try.

All over North Carolina (and Facebook), in fact. …

The actress is the artistic director of New York’s avant-garde Musical Theatre Factory, and is about to appear in the next season of Hulu’s Difficult People, the hit comedy co-executive produced by Amy Poehler.

Eighteen months ago she traveled to Thailand for gender reassignment surgery and covered the cost through the crowdfunding site …

She has the right to change the sex stated on her birth certificate but has chosen not to.

“Some believe they were never the gender they were assigned at birth, some are very fluid and some make a new life but keep a link to their past, and that’s me,” she said.

Tour preparations are underway and she currently plans to visit Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Greensboro, Asheville, Flat Rock, Charlotte and Fayetteville.

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