Christian converts in Germany go in fear of their fellow migrants

Christian converts in Germany go in fear of their fellow migrants

In Germany Father’s Day is celebrated every year, not on the same date but rather on the Thursday 40 days after Easter. Father’s Day means more to Germans than simply celebrating their fathers but also for many religious Germans it is celebrating the Christian father on Ascension day.  This year saw 80 men and women from Afghanistan and Iran baptized and taking their first communion Stern reports. …

Breitbart London has reported many cases of migrants becoming Christians after they reach Europe like “Christopher” in Vienna who came to Europe from Afghanistan and said that he had wanted to convert for years but was afraid of the consequences. …

Christopher told an Austrian paper that he feared walking around in Muslim dominated neighbourhoods in Vienna and said his conversion, even in Europe could potentially be a “death sentence.” …

New convert Mahshad…said…”[W]e cannot openly profess Christianity ourselves in Germany. Here the Muslims are stronger than the Christians. It is this Islam we fled.”

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