British dad beaten up 30 times in three years: the reason

British dad beaten up 30 times in three years: the reason
Image: Arachant via Express

As an anti-Semitism debate rages in the Labour party, 52-year-old Yisro’el Shalom says he was forced to flee the community of Newham, east London after racist thugs turned his life into a living nightmare.

Mr Shalom, a widower, has spoken out after years of torment led him to take drastic action.

And he says that anti-Semitism is turning parts of the UK into no-go areas reminiscent of those in France where Jewish people are hunted and attacked based purely on their religious beliefs.

London mayor Ken Livingstone and Bradford West MP Naz Shah were suspended from the Labour party for remarks about Israel that sparked outrage.

Now after moving to a more tolerant community in Finchley, north London, Mr Shalom insists he’s suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following the criminal attacks.

He said: “I can’t even go into Newham.

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