Pennsylvania making millions by selling drivers’ records

Pennsylvania making millions by selling drivers’ records
Image: WCAU video screen grab

The information on your driver’s license is a gold mine and Pennsylvania is cashing in. The NBC10 Investigators found the state has earned more than $157 million since 2010 selling driver records.

An NBC10 analysis of the more than 32,000 private companies and government agencies to which PennDOT sold driver information traced it to every state in the country.

The companies include credit agencies, insurance companies and car dealerships. The information PennDOT sold includes names, addresses, and driving histories.

“The state should not be doing this unless they can control it,” Pennsylvania driver Albert Lopez said. “It doesn’t belong to whoever runs PennDOT. That information is mine.”

Lopez’s phone number and address are unlisted. He pays for ad blockers and browser protection software. But, somehow, he says solicitors found him. He says they weren’t able to when he lived in other states. He attributes it to when he applied for a Pennsylvania driver’s license.

“I don’t know why specifically an individual business on a particular case would need access to a particular record,” PennDOT deputy secretary Kurt Myers said.

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