Next Obamacare fatality: ‘Bronze’ ins. plans (and any semblance of independence for the poor)

Next Obamacare fatality: ‘Bronze’ ins. plans (and any semblance of independence for the poor)

[Ed. – This was inevitable.  People who lose their bronze plans will be expected to just acknowledge that they are welfare-dependent and go on Medicaid.  Obamacare is all about pricing as many people as possible out of the self-sustaining middle class.]

The trade journal Inside Health Policy warns that insurers might drop plans that qualify for the lowest cost tier in the ObamaCare exchanges and instead focus on the silver level, thanks to an effort by CMS to shore up the financial models of larger insurers. When that happens, Leslie Small writes at Fierce Health Payer, expect an exodus of low-risk consumers who may be unmotivated to pay for an expensive plan they neither need nor will use:

One problem, according to the article, is risk adjustment–as CMS data indicate bronze is the only metal level for which insurers of all sizes in the individual and group markets had to pay into the program. Federal officials are considering some changes to the risk adjustment program, which some say unfairly penalizes smaller insurers.

Already, filings show a CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield subsidiary in Virginia will transform its bronze plans into silver-level plans for 2017, according to Inside Health Policy, and experts tell the publication this could set a troubling precedent for the industry. …


So much for bending cost curves downward, eh?

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