London: Sadiq Khan (Labour) with big lead, expected to be city’s first Muslim mayor

London: Sadiq Khan (Labour) with big lead, expected to be city’s first Muslim mayor

[Ed. – Mr. Khan is the son of Pakistani immigrants.  The MSM downplay reports of his connections to radical imams; my sense of them is that the connections are political, because Islamic radicalism is a fact of political life in Britain now.  It’s noteworthy that Khan is comfortably situated in a Labour Party that is under intense scrutiny due to recent revelations about an appalling level of anti-Semitism in its ranks.  With some London boroughs having as much as 50% Muslim populations, this election is a reflection of demographic shifts as much as of other influences.  The official announcement of election results has reportedly been delayed due to a minor issue with vote counting, although it’s not clear that the issue would affect the overall result.]

Sadiq Khan was elected Mayor of London on Friday, making him the most powerful Muslim politician in the Western world. …

With most of the first-round votes counted, the Labour candidate had a lead of around 9 percent.

Khan, whose father became a bus driver when he moved to Britain from Pakistan, will command a $23 billion annual budget and oversee London’s policing, housing, and transport infrastructure.

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The 45-year-old former human-rights lawyer was elected as a Member of Parliament for Tooting in South London just 11 years ago but he rose quickly through the Labour ranks.

In 2009, he became the first Muslim member of the British Cabinet, which required him to be sworn in by the Queen. He told the New Statesman: “The palace called me and said, ‘What type of Bible do you want to swear on?’ When I said the Quran, they said, ‘We haven’t got one.’ So I took one with me.”

Khan is a devout Muslim, who refrains from drinking alcohol, but he has often explained that his faith is just one facet of his character.

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