Liberal meltdown: ‘New Deal’ hero in Captain America movie resists UN oversight

Liberal meltdown: ‘New Deal’ hero in Captain America movie resists UN oversight
Disdains multilateral oversight. (Chris Evans, Captain America: Civil War trailer. Image: Screen grab of Marvel video, YouTube)

[Ed. – Well, this is hilarious.  Less discriminating reviewers have been universally praising Civil War as the best Captain America movie by far, and indeed one of the very best of the genre.  (Haven’t seen it myself.)]

I was sorely disappointed that the latest installment of the Marvel cinematic universe, “Captain America: Civil War,” decided that, for no reason whatsoever, Steve [Rogers] is now a guy who believe it’s cool to belong to a secretive paramilitary that rejects oversight and accountability to the public. …

Quick recap: In “Civil War,” the Avengers are facing growing international criticism for the way they handled the events in “The Avengers” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. Many people are arguing that they are operating without government oversight and innocent civilians are getting killed in the process. …

The demands being made by various governments and the United Nations in “Civil War” are more than reasonable. They want the Avengers to stop being a privately run paramilitary organization that answers to no one. They want them to sign a treaty agreeing to transparency and some government oversight. This is common sense and what we would expect the standard liberal position to be in a world where superheroes exist. …

[W]e have this distracting plot where Steve suddenly turns from a level-headed liberal to a [sic] Ayn Randian libertarian douchebag who throws tantrums because he has to do grown-up stuff like share power instead of make unilateral decisions for other people. It was a betrayal of the character and made the movie less fun than it should have been.

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