5 reasons why Trump could do better than predicted

5 reasons why Trump could do better than predicted

(1) His Views

Trump took longer to secure the Republican nomination than past nominees because his views are so outside the Republican norm. On border security and immigration, he was much closer to conservatives than other candidates. On other issues, he was dramatically out of step. He’s not an economic conservative but, rather, decries free trade. He’s not a social conservative, studiously avoiding any meaningful discussion of religious liberty, abortion, sexual distinction, and other hot button topics. And when he does talk about them, he’s either uttering a tangled word salad or in lockstep with progressives. And on foreign policy, he’s difficult to pin down. Sometimes he’s for bombing the families of terrorists and other times he’s criticizing any invasions where terrorists are killed.


(2) Hillary Is an Awful Candidate

Pundits got somewhat excited by two ads the Clinton campaign put out yesterday. But if her goal is to win votes from the people not already supporting Trump, they were weird.

One managed to make the point that while Trump may have won the nomination for president, other Republicans are likeable and able to stand up against his populist demagoguery courageously. It basically seemed like an advertisement for “downticket Republicans”….

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