Shakedown warning: FDA’s move to regulate e-cigs likely to boost traditional tobacco use

Shakedown warning: FDA’s move to regulate e-cigs likely to boost traditional tobacco use
Just like an eggplant. (Image via Budapest Business Journal)

[Ed. – Virtually all of regulation now is a combination of naked power grab and an emotional, irrational approach to a perceived problem.  The new rules for e-cigs, vaping, etc are both.  The power-grab aspect lies in this: as with traditional cigarettes, the feds are setting themselves and the states up to shake the industry down on a regular basis, under the pretense of trying to discourage the use of the industry’s product.  This is the same thing that’s going on with the “climate change racketeering” lawsuit against the oil/energy companies, BTW.  Its purpose is to establish a basis for treating the energy companies like tobacco companies, and keeping them on a constant shakedown tether.]

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today announced broad new rules regulating the sales of cigarettes, cigars, hookahs and pipe tobacco. In addition to banning the sale of such products to consumers under 19 years old, they also bring e-cigarettes under the same onerous regulations as traditional tobacco products. … [T]his heavy-handed approach will only likely push people—adults and teens alike—back toward far more harmful tobacco products.

While the long-term effects of vaping are still unknown, there’s little doubt that e-cigarettes are dramatically less harmful than other tobacco products. According to Britain’s Department of Health, available e-cigarette brands are at least 95 percent less harmful than regular cigarettes. … [U]nlike traditional tobacco products, the “vapor” is not produced through combustion and does not contain tar. …

[A]ge restrictions won’t protect minors from nicotine and might even result in greater consumption of the chemical. In a study published this March, researchers at Cornell University found that teen smoking of traditional tobacco products—which on average contain much more nicotine than vape juice—went up by nearly 12 percent in states that institutes age limits on purchases of e-cigarettes.

The FDA’s new rule may also keep some adult smokers from switching away from traditional tobacco. That’s because it requires e-cigarette products that weren’t on the market prior to 2007 to undergo a rigorous pre-approval process that few manufacturers will be able to afford…

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