Why I’ll miss Obama

Why I’ll miss Obama

[Ed. – You are masochistic?]

When President Obama dropped the mic at his last White House Correspondents Dinner, it was the first time I realized how much I would miss him. “The end of the republic has never looked better,” he joked that night. At least he knows the republic should be mourned, I thought. That’s something.

There’s more to it, of course. On the issues I care most about, Obama kept things from becoming truly terrible.

When Obama passed his somewhat shambolic health care reform, it was an amazing feat. It took every greased palm and kickback. And it cost the Democrats their congressional majority. But somehow, Obama was able to save the tax exclusion for employer-sponsored health insurance from single-payer or market-oriented reform. It didn’t matter that this relic of a deduction is over 80 years old, or that it was conceived as a loophole to FDR’s wage and price controls, or that it makes any rational reform of America’s health care politically or fiscally impossible. Obama saved it. I suppose by doing so he saved the last link to market-provided health-care. The worst link possible, but still.

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