Former top McCain aide will support Hillary over Trump

Former top McCain aide will support Hillary over Trump
Prefers Hillary. (Image: Mark Salter, Twitter)

A former aide to John McCain , who served both as the Arizona senator’s chief of staff and a senior advisor on his 2008 presidential campaign, made clear Tuesday that he would vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in the general election.

“I’m with her,” Mark Salter tweeted, referring to Clinton’s campaign slogan, after noting the likely nomination of Trump, “a guy who reads the National Enquirer and thinks it’s on the level.”

Salter has not kept his distaste for Trump a secret. He is written a number of op-eds warning of the damage he could do to the Republican Party and to the country at large, including a February Real Clear Politics piece that warned, “He’s trying to make us the worst we can be to satisfy his own vainglory.”

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