Parents can now monitor their underage children’s activity on Tinder

Parents can now monitor their underage children’s activity on Tinder
Tinder screen grab

When any kid with a smartphone has the ability to create an account on Tinder and start connecting with people, many parents will want to make sure their children aren’t doing anything inappropriate.

TeenSafe, a leading phone-monitoring web program for parents who want to be aware of what their kids are doing online, updated Friday to include the ability to monitor Tinder activity. Parents who use TeenSafe can now see if their kid has installed Tinder, their profile, who they’ve matched with, liked, super liked and skipped. Parents can also see any conversations their child has with other users.

While Tinder is primarily known as a dating or hook-up app, it allows users aged 13-17 to sign up and use it. This demographic makes up about 7% of Tinder users, and this group can only match with other users in the same age range. But there’s no saying an underage user can’t lie about their age and match with older people.

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