O-care enrollment window just before Nov election will bring sticker shock for voters

O-care enrollment window just before Nov election will bring sticker shock for voters

[Ed. – I’m not sure how much that will even mean.  If the nominees are Clinton and Trump, there’s no one to vote for on this issue.  Trump voters are clearly giving up on the Obamacare issue; it’s just not their biggest concern.  The Donald says he’s going to run single-payer better than a Democrat could; if he gets elected, we’ll be stuck with Obamacare, and nothing short of regime-change will get rid of it.  Same with Hillary.  Of course, a single-payer medical system won’t “run,” no matter what anyone says or does.  It turns into “world-class care for the rich, Soviet-level care for everyone else” very quickly, regardless of who aspires to “run” it.]

Unfortunately (or fortunately — depending on where you stand) for Democrats, pending rate increase announcements could not come at a worse time. Open enrollment begins the first week of November, just in time for Obamacare and independent health insurance consumers to take their sticker shock to the ballot box.

Last month, the country’s largest health insurer, UnitedHealth, announced its withdrawal from several Obamacare exchanges and projected losses of around $650 million this year alone. Other large insurers are eyeing the vacated territory, but none have committed yet.

Insurer complaints are the same — health insurance consumers are sicker and older than their original models predicted, making affordable insurance a virtually impossible offering.

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