A Trump/Sanders independent ticket would win

A Trump/Sanders independent ticket would win
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The two candidates who have created the most energy in politics during 2016 are both on the verge of being shut out at their conventions.

Donald Trump’s lead has grown in recent days, but unless he nearly sweeps California and Indiana, he will still likely come short of the 1237 delegates he will need on the first ballot. On the second ballot, Sen. Ted Cruz’s delegate strategy looks tight enough to win the nomination. If that scenario plays out, millions of Trump supporters will be furious.

Sen. Bernie Sanders has been beaten both in the popular vote and with delegates, but he has won many contests he wasn’t expected to win, with supporters who are more passionate than any other candidate’s following. While the media has been concerned about riots at the RNC, the DNC may actually be more at risk because of these fired up young activists. Unless Sanders and Hillary Clinton can find a way to mend their relationship, polls show 25 percent of Sanders supporters — millions and millions of voters — won’t show up for Clinton in November.

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