Atheists bribing students to protest against ‘Jesus Lunches’

Atheists bribing students to protest against ‘Jesus Lunches’

On April 19, I shared the war being raged against Christianity concerning the Jesus Lunches being served to students in Middleton, Wisconsin. It started with 4 mothers bringing their kids lunches and talking about Jesus and their Christian faith. Those kids invited other kids and the mothers continued to provide free lunches in exchange for talking about their faith. As the lunch crowd grew, they moved off campus to a nearby park and even obtained a permit from the city to use the park. The free lunches now number over 400 students and has been labeled Jesus Lunches.

Even though the Jesus Lunches take place during the lunch hour when students are free to leave the campus, school officials have been trying to stop the moms from evangelizing the students.

Now the effort to disrupt and stop the Jesus Lunches has been taken up by a local chapter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF). The atheist group has started offering students free pizza to gather in the park to protest and disrupt the free Jesus Lunches.

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