Wisconsin city to fine parents if child is a bully

Wisconsin city to fine parents if child is a bully
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[Ed. – What could go wrong?]

Shawano (Wis.) police have cracked down on bullying by holding parents accountable if their child picks on others.

A new city ordinance would allow police to fine parents if they are told their child is acting as a bully and they do nothing to stop it.

“It creates an avenue for us to work with parents to help find solutions,” said Shawano Police Chief Mark Kohl.

Police will work with the Shawano School District to identify bullies and notify parents, according to Kohl. Parents will then have 90 days to intervene. If they don’t and their child continues to bully, they will be fined $366. If there is a second offense within one year, they will be fined $681.

“At this point there’s no initial complaints or concerns out there, we’re just being proactive in working with the community to address this,” Kohl said.

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