Anti-Trump thugs attack Trump supporters at California GOP convention

Anti-Trump thugs attack Trump supporters at California GOP convention
Anti-Trump thugs burn U.S. flag outside CA GOP convention on 29 April. (Image: Screen grab of video via Twitter, @NickMiller510)

The protest outside the California Republican Convention ebbed and flowed throughout the day, shifting from a calm gathering to a raucous demonstration marked by bursts of violence.

Some Donald Trump supporters were pushed and kicked as they tried to cross through the crowd.

One Trump supporter, Adam Harry of Discovery Bay, said he had his phone snatched from his hands and thrown across a parking lot into a bush. He said he was spat on and shoved as he walked away from protesters. Some activists called him a racist while others crowded around him to keep others back.

“They just completely got out of control,” he said.

Another Trump supporter, Christopher Conway, 51, of Burlingame, was pushed through the crowd and ended up jammed into a corner against a police barrier.

“I walked through and these guys felt free to hit me,” he said.

At one point protesters threw down the barricades separating them from the hotel where the conference was held.

Some protesters clad in black clothing, their faces covered with handkerchiefs, threw eggs and rocks at the police.

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