Airstrike on hospital in Syria kills 14, including two doctors

Airstrike on hospital in Syria kills 14, including two doctors
Image: NBC News video screen grab

The U.S. blamed the Syrian government Thursday for a direct airstrike on an Aleppo hospital that killed more than a dozen doctors and patients.

Two of the eight doctors working at the Al Quds hospital, which is located in rebel-held Aleppo and specializes in treating children, were killed in Wednesday’s air attack, the Doctors Without Borders medical charity reported.

“These strikes were conducted by the regime, solely by the regime,” State Department spokesman John Kirby said. “The facts are still coming but every indication we have seen so far points to the regime.”

Secretary of State John Kerry blasted Syrian despot Bashar Assad for what “appears to have been a deliberate strike on a known medical facility” and called on his Russian allies to reign in the air attacks.

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