German foreign minister not a fan of Trump’s ‘America first’ approach

German foreign minister not a fan of Trump’s ‘America first’ approach
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[Ed. – Mr. Steinmeier can fight his own battles, but it is troublesome that Trump doesn’t take sober note of the bad signal being sent by the use of the expression “American first.”  The America Firsters of the 1930s made excuses for Hitler, and some of them admired Hitler and Mussolini as much as the Communist running dogs did.  It’s not too long since then for Trump to need to be careful what themes he’s evoking with his words.]

Germany’s Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Thursday criticized U.S. Republican front-runner Donald Trump for a speech in which he said it would be “America first” if he were elected president.

Trump said on Wednesday that if elected, his foreign policy would leave European and Asian allies of the U.S. fending for themselves if they did not pay more for U.S. defense measures.

“I can only hope that the election campaign in the USA does not lack the perception of reality,” Steinmeier said.

“The world’s security architecture has changed and it is no longer based on two pillars alone. It cannot be conducted unilaterally,” he said, referring to Trump’s “America first” message.

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