Cruz’s phantom delegates

Cruz’s phantom delegates
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Sen. Ted Cruz and his backers seem confident they can corral the support of enough delegates to deny Donald Trump the Republican nomination of the first ballot. Scores of the first-ballot “unbound” delegates, Cruz and many in the media think, have actually been bound to the Texas senator.

But unless by “bound” they mean physically tied up with a pistol to their heads, Cruz’s confidence may be perilously misplaced. Because Cruz has two problems: Donald Trump — and Ted Cruz.

“I think at a contested convention, we are going to earn the support, build together and unify the party, earn the support of the majority of the delegates,” Cruz told Sean Hannity of Fox News on April 25.

Not so fast.

Estimates of the number of unbound delegates have ranged from just over 100 to up to 150, with some even pegging the number at closer to 200.

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