What Bernie should do now: Create a tea party of the left within the Democratic Party

What Bernie should do now: Create a tea party of the left within the Democratic Party

Much of my family perished in the Holocaust, so I’m well aware of the danger of repeating the terrible mistake of spending more energy fighting against each other than fighting Hitler’s fascist movement. While neither Trump nor Cruz are quite as explicitly genocidal as Hitler intended to be, and made clear in his writings and public talks, I can easily understand those in the Democratic Party today who want to be assured that Bernie Sander’s supporters will support a moderate pro-Wall Street, pro-militarism, pro-Netanyahu, and pro-U.S. imperialism candidate like Hillary Clinton, since she, unlike Cruz or Trump, is still likely to support basic civil liberties and human rights for the people of the U.S. and unlikely to jail her critics or incite racism, sexism or homophobia in the U.S.

I’m sure, Bernie, understanding the history of the Holocaust, that you will endorse Hillary rather than allow yourself to be targeted as the cause of her failure to win the election in November, though if she does in fact fail it will be because she was unable to break out of her identification with a status quo that many people experience as deeply oppressive….

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