4 upsides of this insane election

4 upsides of this insane election

Now, some people might be dismayed at this spectacle, along with the startling credulity displayed by people who theoretically ought to know better…. But let’s look on the bright side!….

We can all feel better about ourselves. Many Americans enjoy watching reality TV because the characters tend to be slightly insane people with an amazing lack of self-awareness. Well, cheer up, America: Watching the presidential debates will be just like that!…

We’ll see how far the national train of logic goes. Hillary Clinton has an easy answer to pretty much any attack Donald Trump can throw her way: “Why did you donate to me then, Donald?” Trump fans seem to believe “Because you can be bought, Crooked Hillary!” serves as an adequate answer….

We can buy stock in the survivalist industry. See above reference to backyard shelters and “prepper” magazines. It’s a business sure to flourish!

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