Trump is nowhere near being the ‘presumptive nominee’

Trump is nowhere near being the ‘presumptive nominee’

[Donald Trump’s] acting like the race is over. Many people will believe – sincerely – that it is. With all those votes and all those delegates, you have to ask how could Trump lose?

Easy. Getting over 50 percent is an achievement in January. At the end of April, in primary season, it’s no mean feat. In fact, Reagan had well over 70 percent of the vote in a more crowded race, in more states leading up to late April. By the time May and June rolled around, Reagan was topping 80 percent. Trump is nowhere near that.

In Indiana, Trump is barely at 40 percent. He has consistently earned more delegates and benefitted from the winner-take-all states and congressional districts. For someone who said tonight that “I’m really good at math,” he isn’t getting the concept of what “landslide” means.

Regardless of what Trump says, what the press echoes, and what the millions of Trump Twitter followers relentlessly spew, the race is not over, and Trump is not the “presumptive nominee.”

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