There’s an app for that: Detecting your body odor in the information age

There’s an app for that: Detecting your body odor in the information age

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If people can use their smartphones to order their dinner tonight, book a ride, or get daily fitness stats, why not to know if one has terrible body odor?

Germany-based deodorant and body products maker Nivea announced its new product dubbed Nivea Men NOSE, a mobile phone cover that works with a downloadable app to serve as an electronic nose.

Here’s how it works: a man who suddenly finds himself curious to know his level of body odor can activate the app, put the smartphone near his armpit, and allow the electronic nose to pick up smell and analyze it based on a specially created algorithm that previously evaluated the scent of 4,000 other males.

After the app “sniffs” the stench levels, it notified the user of how much he stinks.

“Our nose is so used to our own body odor that we can’t smell our own sweat,” NIVEA explained of its newest launch.

And men proved to be a strong target, as they have been found to sweat more than women yet maintain 40 percent less brain area for perceiving such odors.

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