John Stossel and the lengthy process of being denied a carry permit in NY

John Stossel and the lengthy process of being denied a carry permit in NY
Denied. (Image: Screen grab of video via John Stossel, YouTube)

John Stossel is an outspoken and unabashed libertarian. He’s a public figure on a major news network, where some people think his ideas about free markets and liberty should end with him being shot in the face. … The problem is that Mr. Stossel lives in New York, which is a bastion of anti-gun sentiment. He found that out quite explicitly when he tried to acquire a carry permit. First, the application is about 50 pages because the applicant must not only know their name, residence, lack of criminal history, etc.—but also know the definitions of other weapons.

“I don’t want a kung Fu star; I just want a gun for safety,” exclaimed Stossel. It took him hours to complete the application, which included calls to the New York City Police Department due to the vagueness of the questions. Finally, it was done. Stossel went to One Police Plaza personally and submitted his application, which included a $430 fee. He also said he waited about 90 minutes before he was assisted by NYPD officials about processing. …

He said that the NYPD was rude; they had him waiting for over three hours, and denied his application. It’s not unheard of for this process to last up to a year. In Stossel’s case, it took him eight and a half months.

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