The emotional life of Sanders supporters

The emotional life of Sanders supporters

Bailey Myers, a 20-year-old Bernie Sanders supporter attending a boisterous rally here Saturday, said even if Sanders doesn’t win the Democratic nomination, the campaign has shown him that the party is approaching the same kind of crackup between its ideological base and establishment that has afflicted the GOP for years now.

“[Sanders] is in charge of that movement right now, and it will continue with or without the Democratic Party,” said Myers, a Loyola University student.

Sanders’ supporters, perhaps for the first time in this tumultuous presidential race, are reflecting on the campaign, the highs and lows of a long primary and what it all has meant for the progressive movement.

Sanders’ decisive defeat in the New York primary last week snapped his winning streak against Hillary Clinton and might have ended his already faint hopes of closing a prodigious delegate deficit — especially if, as expected, he is dealt another series of losses during Tuesday’s so-called “Acela primary.”

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