Kasich apparently wishes more Republicans liked Democrats’ ideas

Kasich apparently wishes more Republicans liked Democrats’ ideas
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[Ed. – Geez, go run against Hillary, dude.]

Now you’ve done it, Republicans. You’ve disappointed John Kasich.

In a Wednesday interview with The Washington Post, Kasich — continuing his sad presidential campaign’s efforts to equate Ted Cruz with Donald Trump — whined about being one of few Republicans who cares about ideas.

“See, I am a fundamental believer in ideas,” Kasich said. “If you don’t have ideas, you got nothing. And frankly, my Republican Party doesn’t like ideas. They want to be negative against things.”

Every word of this is trademark John Weaver, the sometime Democrat consultant running Kasich’s campaign. Within a few hours, lefty opinion columnists were using Kasich’s words against other Republicans. …

John Kasich, idea man, is the only Republican governor of a state with a Republican legislature and no right-to-work law stopping unions from taking forced dues from workers. Of the four states that have passed right-to-work since Kasich took office, three — Indiana, Michigan, and West Virginia — border Ohio.

A bill to protect Ohioans in the private sector from forced union dues is going nowhere because Kasich is against it, and public-sector right-to-work is a nonstarter for the same reason.

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