Turkish consulate in Netherlands asks local Turks to report insults to Erdogan

Turkish consulate in Netherlands asks local Turks to report insults to Erdogan

[Ed. – The West has already given the proverbial inch — and more.  The inevitable ensues.]

The Turkish consulate in the Netherlands is telling Turks to report any insults they hear about the Turkish President.

The Turkish government is currently embroiled in a debate about free speech in Germany. German comedian Jan Böhmermann mocked Turkish president Tayyip Erdoğan in a broadcast on his ZDF programme Neo Magazin Royale. …

The reaction from Ankara was one of extreme anger and Turkey called on Germany to prosecute the comedian under an old German law that forbids any German citizen from insulting the head of state of a foreign country.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been heavily criticized by the world press and by her own citizens as polls have shown an overwhelming support for dropping the charges on the comedian. …

The Turkish consulate in Rotterdam has taken the decision of Merkel to prosecute as a green light to inform Turks in the Netherlands that they can also report any insults made to the Turkish president, reports Spiegel Online. The consulate sent emails to various Turkish groups in the country telling them to immediately report anything they think is insulting on social media directly to them.

The reaction of the Dutch government to the news was anger.

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