More on REALLY intrusive data mining through Common Core-linked programs

More on REALLY intrusive data mining through Common Core-linked programs

What we are essentially talking about here is the integration of the same type of technology that is being used in national security in combination with surveys that allow researchers to understand an individual’s behavior, attitudes, and personal beliefs. Facial recognition cameras will be in place in the classroom according to this same report, as well as heart rate monitors that will allow researchers, again, to come to conclusions about individuals behavior based on how they are responding to given stimuli. …

The different types of information that will be obtained by the data mining systems are separated into two categories: direct identifiers and indirect identifiers. Direct identifiers would obviously be made up of information such as date of birth, addresses, social security numbers, or anything else that could be used in the direct identification of students, as well as their parents. This isn’t unusual, as all schools generally keep this information anyways. Indirect identifiers, however, would include that which was obtained through the use of data mining and would include the following: political and religious affiliations, mental health and criminal records, sexual behavior, health problems, and even prevailing social attitudes. Given the fact that this information is being sold to companies to be used as “research,” is it possible that someday, your children’s political beliefs or religious affiliations would be used against them?

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