Heavy pot use can kill you by 60

Heavy pot use can kill you by 60
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[Ed. – Such a study in contrasting styles of government.  The right prefers to have straightforward laws against narcotics that turn you into a sick, stupid malingerer.  The left thinks that’s just awful; government should instead be the enforcement arm of a whole human-control apparatus that lectures and monitors you, and finds reasons to tax third parties — bend over, weed industry; here it comes — so it can control your health care.  You’re an absolute moron if you think option 2 is better.]

Heavy marijuana use in the late teen years puts men at a higher risk for death by age 60, a new long-term study suggests.

Swedish researchers analyzed the records of more than 45,000 men beginning in 1969 and 1970. The scientists from the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm reported that 4,000 died during the 42-year follow-up period, and men who’d used marijuana heavily at ages 18 and 19 were 40 percent more likely to die by age 60 compared to guys who hadn’t used the drug. …

“Cannabis users have poorer health in general. You’d expect there to be increased mortality risk,” Krakower told CBS News. He pointed to another long-term study linking early heavy marijuana use with lung cancer, and a second study that associates the drug with increased heart problems.

“Marijuana users generally may have poorer diets and they might be tobacco smokers. There’s an increased linkage between weed and tobacco,” said Krakower.

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