Congress: Funding bill fights Library’s P.C. plan to disappear the term ‘illegal alien’

Congress: Funding bill fights Library’s P.C. plan to disappear the term ‘illegal alien’
All your words are belong to us.

[Ed. – This isn’t a minor issue, actually.  Cede the language and the actual history, and you cede the framework of thought and the terms of the debate, which are essential elements of a culture of liberty, as opposed to tyranny.  The more of these things the leftists and stupid-people moderates persuade you to give in on, the more trapped you will be in a world of propaganda and lies framed entirely by the enemies of liberty.  Don’t lose heart: it IS right and necessary for fight for these things.  Changing the terminology is one thing; we can debate that.  PURGING the terminology is another — and it’s a Big Lie worthy of Hitler or Stalin.]

This week a panel of the House Appropriations Committee approved a bill funding the legislative branch spending for fiscal 2017 with a provision aimed at blocking the Library of Congress from changing its “aliens” and “illegal aliens” terminology.

The Library of Congress said last month that its Policy and Standards Division had recommended changing its subject headings, or search terms, “aliens” to “noncitizens” and removing “illegal aliens,” to be replaced by the terms “noncitizens” and “unauthorized immigration.”

The division had concluded “that the meaning of aliens is often misunderstood,” noting that it can also mean “beings from another planet” and that “the phrase illegal aliens has become pejorative,” according to a March 22 memo from the library. …

Republicans said the provision was necessary to prevent “censorship” at the Library of Congress.

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