Saudi king snubs Obama at summit

Saudi king snubs Obama at summit

[Ed. – And after all that bowing, too.  Granted, the bowing was to a different king, but you’d think Obama would still get some credit for it, even after selling out to Iran, right?]

Now King Salman has snubbed Obama once again, this time in an even more embarrassing manner, as Obama arrived in Riyadh on Wednesday on Air Force One. King Salman was not there to greet him. Instead, a lower-level official greeted him. Saudi state television did not show Obama’s arrival live, but did provide live coverage of the arrival of other Gulf nation leaders — being greeted by King Salman.

Relations have been worsening ever since President Obama took office, especially when Obama appeared to throw Hosni Mubarak under the bus during the 2011 Arab Awakening. (See “21-May-11 News — Saudi Arabia advances Gulf Cooperation Council, further cuts U.S. ties.”)

Last year, Obama referred to Saudi Arabia as a “so-called ally,” because of its opposition to the Iran nuclear deal. Recently, the Saudis were deeply offended when Obama characterized some of his allies as “free riders.” ( “15-Mar-16 World View — Saudi’s Prince Faisal sharply rebukes Obama’s ‘free riders’ accusation”) …

President Obama has been in office for 7-1/2 years, and he apparently believes that he has been so skillful in governing America that he now feels qualified to lecture leaders of any country in the world on what they are doing wrong.

According to reports, that is what he did on Wednesday in his meetings with King Salman in Saudi Arabia.

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